i-FACTOR Flex FR, with purified silk, retains the safety and biocompatibility of P-15 technology while providing superior out of packaging handling and in-vivo cohesive properties.

Purified silk fibers, an inert carrier, provide enhanced:

–  Cohesion
–  Mechanical Properties
–  Handling Characteristics

This enables i-FACTOR Flex FR to provide significant new application options while retaining the safety and efficacy of P-15 technology.

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Handling instructions

Flex FR can be applied directly to the surgical site without the need to soak it with blood. However, adding some blood or BMA improves flexibility and the ability to mold the strip.

We recommend placing Flex FR into the surgical site once all hardware has been secured in position and immediately prior to closure.

Flex FR can be cut to fit into a cage.

When applied directly into a surgical site, we recommend that a layer of autograft be placed on top of the Flex FR.

Once in position, any loose surface granules should be removed by swabbing and suction prior to wound closure.

IMPORTANT: Do not irrigate once implanted.

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